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Brief Biographies

Sandra Guthrie retired from the General Library System in 2010 after 34 years on campus. She was hired in 1976 as a classified microbiologist with the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene. In her 16 years at the State Lab she worked as a microbiologist, laboratory supervisor and human resource manager. During this time she attended UW School of Business part time to receive her MBA in accounting. This period gave her first hand experience in the art of juggling full time work, part time school and the demands of being a parent.

She was hired in an administrative academic staff position at the General Library System in 1992. In addition to human resources and budget responsibilities, Sandra also served on various campus and governance committees including Personnel Policy and Procedures Committee, Recreational Sports Advisory Committee, Academic Staff Mentor, Campus Planning Committee and co-chair of the Campus Diversity Chairs Committee. Since retirement she has indulged her interests in gardening and travel.

Chris Kleinhenz, Professor Emeritus of Italian in the College of Letters and Science, joined the faculty in 1968. During his four decades on campus he chaired the Department of French and Italian and the Medieval Studies Program and directed the L&S Honors Program. His commitment to serving the College and University led him to serve on numerous committees: the University Committee, Humanities Divisional Committee, Graduate School Research Committee, Graduate School Fellowships, Faculty Compensation and Economic Benefits, Honorary Degrees, Faculty Appeals, Gender Equity Review, Library, and others. He participated in several departmental and program reviews and search committees and chaired the review committee for the Teaching Academy. Because of his interest in and commitment to international education, he directed and taught on several programs in Italy (Bologna, Florence, Perugia) and (with Fannie LeMoine) led many international seminars to the Mediterranean world through the UW Division of University Outreach.

His teaching and research specialization focused on Dante and medieval Italian literature and on the interaction of art, history and literature in the Middle Ages. In addition to leadership positions in several professional societies, he served as President of the Friends of the UW-Madison Libraries. Following his retirement in 2007, he was elected to the board of directors of the UW Retirement Association, an association of retired faculty, academic staff and classified employees. He enjoys playing golf and traveling, as well as continuing to work on various writing projects.

Linda Newman, who retired from the School of Education office of Education Academic Services in January, 2007, spent twenty nine years on the Madison campus where she worked first in the History Department. Linda entered graduate school in US History in 1962. She earned a Master’s degree and made progress toward the PhD. During her graduate study she held jobs as a teaching assistant and as a research assistant.

Her years as undergraduate advisor in the History Department gave her a clear sense of departmental organization, politics, and power relations. She helped to put together tenure files. She worked to bring faculty and students together in areas of common interest. She served on assignment committees for course registration and helped to keep course offerings balanced across the week. She retains an abiding affection for the History Department and has enjoyed watching changes in the way history is studied and taught. Linda has been involved during her years on campus in the SOAR program which has changed profoundly since the days of in person registration prior to the start of each semester. Working with SOAR put Linda in touch with academic and classified staff across campus. She has enjoyed learning how the various parts of the university connect with each other and treasures the cross campus personal relationships which keep this place humming.

Linda worked for most of her career in the Academic Services Office in the School of Education. During those years she became actively involved in Academic staff governance. She served for some years on the Recreational Sports Board. She was president of the Madison Academic Staff Association [MASA], a member of the Academic Staff Executive Committee [ASEC] and chair of ASEC. Those responsibilities increased her understanding of campus leadership structures as well as the relationships between campus and UW-System. After retiring in 2007, she spent two years as a graduate student in the Religious Studies Department at Edgewood College. In these challenging times Linda believes that listening to one another carefully has the potential to facilitate effective problem clarification and resolution, tasks which fit well with the mission of the Ombuds Office.

Patricia Wolleat, Emerita Professor of Counseling Psychology in the School of Education, began her career at the UW-Madison in 1971 as the first tenure-track female professor in the Department and one of few in the entire School of Education. In over more than three decade of service she served as department chair, director of training, director of graduate admissions, and major professor on over 40 doctoral dissertations. Her research and teaching interests were in the areas of vocational psychology, clinical supervision, legal and ethical issues in mental health services, and women’s issues in counseling.

Arriving on campus coincident with the passing of Title IX, she carried the themes of equity and diversity throughout her work, whether in professorial roles, professional associations, or the community. She was one of three pioneering researchers in the 1970’s in the School of Education to study mathematics avoidance in high school females and to develop interventions to increase the election of mathematics by high school females. Pat was no stranger to faculty governance, participating in many campus and UW-System committees, including chairing the University Committee, the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, and the Undergraduate Admissions Policy Committee.

In addition to the committees that she chaired, she served on the Social Studies Divisional Committee, numerous faculty and dean search committees, and the Future Directions Committee, which developed the blueprint for UW-Madison for the 90’s. After achieving tenure, Pat attended law school part-time, fulfilling a lifelong interest that had eluded most females prior to Title IX. Upon her retirement in 2003 she renewed her passion for tennis and golf (playing and as a spectator) and traveling. She maintains a second home on the upper Mississippi River in Minnesota. She continued her volunteer service as a board member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Retirement Association and serving as the event planner for a large, extended family.

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